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Two day Challenge ✨
Yup, you should have known this was coming lol. Netflix let loose Jessica Jones on November 20th, so now you are Jessica Jones with a detective agency with a Purple Man problem. What are you doing this day? Try to avoid too many spoilers for the Vingle family that did not watch yet. My personal answer has to do with Luke lol so what's you're take? @shannonl5 @amobigbang
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also lol I'd probably run haha
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@shannonl5 tornnets has been super flaky these days kickasstorrents I heard went through 3 url changes in a week! Im a tech nerd too, I love CNET Zdnet and all those sites.
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I never heard of that. I'm like if it's not on cable or youtube or dvd I don't see it. I'm ancient lol
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@amobigbang did you see season on of daredevil?
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nope lol. @LAVONYORK I'm awful
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