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Welcome to MADTOWN
@MiahCisneros I'm sorry I couldn't post this earlier I guess laziness got the best of me. Anyway I finally did made it WELCOME TO MADTOWN. A rookie group that has been making a name for themselves with catchy songs like YOLO, New World...


Name - Kim Sang Bae D.O.B. - April 29, 1991 Position - Rapper, Leader Facts - In a subunit called Pro C, looks kinda like Kris of EXO.


Name - Park Dae Won D.O.B. - March 17, 1992 Position - Main Dancer Facts - That boy can dance thats all I'm sayin'


Name - Lee Kyung Tak D.O.B. - May 4, 1992 Position - Main Vocalist Facts - He's good at acting, melt your heart with his high notes.


Name - Lee Jong Hwa D.O.B. - February 15, 1994 Position - Rapper Facts - Reallllly good at acrobatics.


Name - Heo Jun D.O.B. - November 16, 1994 Position - Vocalist Facts - Can play the piano, Has this adorable smile that you can't resist.


Name - Kim Ju Hyeon D.O.B. - June 15, 1995 Position - Rapper Facts - Can write raps in JAPANESE!!!


Name - Song Jae Ho D.O.B. - June 18, 1995 Position - Vocalist Facts - Have you seen the guy??? He is in the running for "King of Derp Face"
Hope you guys liked it and a shout out to all the Problematics!!! XD
Polka dots 馃槏馃槏馃槏
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I'm in love with Buffy's jawline
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OMG thx so much!! i rarely see them on here!! thx this made me really happy!! 馃槃
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They're all perfect! H.os smile is soooo sweeeeeet. gonna check 'em out on the tube now
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