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It's that time of the month, and you're seriously hurting. You have the worst cramps and a headache to match. Everyone around you seems to be getting on your last nerve, and all you want to do is stay home, put on something warm, and marathon "Master Of None" on Netflix.
But then you get that craving. You really want something salty or maybe some chocolate or maybe you just really want to give yourself that DIY home spa your body needs right now.

But the last thing you want to do is go to the store, right?

Well, hey, how would you feel if there was a monthly box mailed to your house filled with fuzzy socks, chocolate bars, skincare masks, scented candles, bath bombs, and 'A Walk To Remember' on DVD? Yeah, every month. Ready for you to open just in time for Aunt Flo.

Fortunately for you, there's the PMS Package - a monthly subscription box made especially to get through 'that week'.

You can order the mini package (filled with smaller goodies), the featured package (with extra goodies like air freshener, lotions, and king-size candy bars), and the executive package - which, well, is for that girl who's probably experiencing Hell on a whole different level (but hey, it comes with cute socks)!
Subscription services are a dime-a-dozen these days, but at the range of $13 - 35 a month, maybe this one isn't so bad?

So now I want to know:

PMS Package: Waste of money, or do you totally need this one in your life too?

(Also, since it comes with a 'gift option', would this be a great gift for guys to give their girlfriends for the holidays, or would that be - you know - just mildly insulting.)
Let me know your thoughts about the PMS Package below, and for more strange things you didn't know you wanted until you logged into Vingle today, check out my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! collection.
That's what boyfriends, neighbors, and strangers are for. "I don't f*ckin know you but I need chocolate RIGHT NOW AND YOU BETTER SEND ME SOME .... with almonds pls."
@danidee No one knows the pain of PMS more than a man with a partner.
It is so funny that @danidee put up this post @Animaniafreak I actually do have prescription medication for it, because besides the pain you would swear I had the stomach flu too. So what ends up happening to me I go into my hiding for three days if i don't have work, when I have work I have these portable heating pads and of course my meds to try to block out some of the pain. I always tell my bf I don't wish this crap on my enemy lol. Btw they give me Zofran so I don't ended up losing my pills that I might have just took. Especially now since I take meds for my kidney transplant so they want to make sure that stays. Human nature is a heffa lol.. And I am anemic on top of that. ::waves fist at the sky in anger 馃挗 ::
Too bad they don't send pills that can knock me out for 3 days until the pain is over 馃槀馃槀馃槀 when it comes around I usually sleep on the pull out couch because I shake like a fish out of water and I can't stand anyone near me lol
PMS are my worse days...that's when I need everything and no one. But after that everything is perfect except for the cramps...but there's always those pain pills that make life so easy! So I'm gonna need this package in the next three weeks!
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