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Her name Is Etta. She enjoys long walks with no leash. Her favorite treat is hotdogs. She is part Jack Russel and part Rat terrier. She prefers to "Pitch" while playing fetch and is not very patient when it comes to waiting for me to retrieve. If she hears the word kiss or anything that remotely sounds like the word kiss she will french kiss you like You've never been frenched before, and dont block because she will get you anyway. She loves her cowgirl hat and also enjoys her very large wardrobe. Etta doesnt appreciate when I show my other dogs love, she gets mean with them and will not kiss me for hours afterward (it makes me feel like i am cheating on her). If I go to bed without giving her her nightly hotdog she paws my face until I do. She knows her name but also answers to Peanut and Etta Spaghetta. I have learned to live with the fact that she is not my dog and have accepted that I am HER human. I hope everyone can enjoy her as much as I do.
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Dude, you sound like a pretty awesome dog owner. If I were a dog, I'd be all over that bedtime hot dog thing.
lol.,.shes so spoiled its not even funny..she pulls my face with her paws for kisses like a person.. and she likes oscar mayers 馃槈
im.probably ranting cuz i love my baby but u should see her eat a spaghetti noodle,. hi-fricken-larious
Omg, bahahaha. I don't know if my dog has ever eaten a spaghetti noodle before, but now I want to see her eat one and see if she does anything weird too.
@danidee she tries her best at slurpin and makes a mess but its so cute