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@kpopandkimchi suggested that this week, we dedicate a card to our boys, every day until Nov. 30, or what we call- their comeback!!!! And according to the:
it's V's turn to have a tribute!! So hence forth- the TRIBUTES. (tributes sounds like a really appropiate way to....describe this, please bear with me.)
(this edit sucked but I don't have the heart to throw it away after hours of searching for a good picture that didn't look awkward when I clone it.)
(well.......but....AGHH JUST GIMME IT.)
(i look hot)
(should I get the black hoverboard for chimchim or the blue one to match both of us?)
(looking fab and i know it)
group photo cause I couldn't resist. and yes I stayed an all nighter this entire week.
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i love the gif so much and HIS NEW HAIR IS SO LOVELY
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