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Hello everyone I just wanted to let you all know that it's my best friend @NallelySaavedra birthday please show her some love. her bias group is BTS and her UB is Jungkook! !
So I made a video for her but it wouldn't let me upload it but I just wanted to say Happy birthday Nelly thank you for becoming one of the most important people in my life you are a true friend and I have never had a friend who is so kind like you are. Down in the next pics I wanted to show you the things she says to me.
#friendshipgoals I don't deserve a friend like her but I'm glad I have her! please show some love @Rhia @baileykayleen @AimeeH @sugajin94 @MorganElisabeth @thePinkPrincess @ChelseaJay @VixenViVi @XergaB20 @kpopandkimchi
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Sorry I am late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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super late but happy birthday and you guys are friendship goals ❤️
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Happy birthday hunnn!
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AHHHHH, I'm so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope it was everything you wanted!!!! <3
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