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The Davis Cup is the premier international team event in men's tennis. And this year's Davis Cup will be played between Great Britain and Belgium.

However, the final is set to be held in Ghent, which is 35 miles away from Belgium's capital, Brussels which is also under the country's highest security alert.

But according to the Flemish Tennis Federation (FTF), everything will go as planned.
Gijs Kooken, the chief executive of the FTF, said during an interview with BBC sports,
"It is an event with international exposure, with 13,000 spectators a day, so it is a risk event, of course, in the current situation - but I'm very confident in our government. Of course you never can predict what will happen next, but I would be surprised if it was cancelled. I'm quite confident that we will play next weekend."

This year's Davis Cup is very special for both sides. It is Great Britain's first appearance in the finals since 1978. For Belgium, it's their first appearance in 111 years.

What do you think? With all the terrorist threats that are happening in Belgium, should the Davis Cup still be played or not?

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@Kirooken Yeah I agree...but it's definitely easier said than done.
@KyleBerke Hopefully they play the matches and nothing bad happens.....the only part I'm worried is that the terrorists that were part of the Paris attack tried to enter the soccer stadium when France was playing Germany. Think of all the chaos it would have created if they were successful in getting in the stadium.
I was going to type the exact same thing as @InPlainSight! haha it's all about a balance of taking precautions but still living life to the fullest. fear should never win!
@nicolejb Yes there should def be a balance and we need to live life to the fullest!