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I've never been great at bowling [actually, I've never been great at anything] but in my weird "I-need-to-look-for-all-things-Fallout-4-on-the-Internet" mood, I found a pretty great bowling tip. So if you ever find yourself bored in the Wasteland, maybe you should pick up Post-Apocalyptic Bowling.
The league is still in it's infant stage 'cause, well, radiation poisoning, eh, well, I'll get to that in a minute. Just check out the video below.
After years and years of a polluted atmosphere, it seems bowling balls weigh less than bowling pins. I mean, I've had this problem myself so I'm glad that Lian Pangilinan shed some light on some of the issues of bowling after the world has gone to ashes.
I'll give it to him though, he really gave it the ol' college try but it seems like that wasn't enough. So, what did he decide to do? He took one of those good ol' American Mini-Nukes and got himself a strike.
Some may say, is that necessary, or maybe he could have used a different weapon. But no! He's created a new, highly-dangerous, sport. It's beautiful actually. The ticking of your Pip-Boy telling you how irradiated you are, the smell of fresh nuclear fire, and the way your skin tingles as you walk up to check if you knocked all the pins down. It's really something you can only get in Post-Apocalyptic America.
So please, join Post-Apoc Bowling League (PABL) today! We'll be glad to have you. No, seriously, there's only me, Jake, Ralph, Alexa, Erica, and Jamie left in the league. Everyone keeps turning into ghouls or just dying. We need more members.
[if you do join, remember to bring your own mini-nukes, those things are expensive and we can't just hand them out to people]
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Use the junk jet to shoot the bowling ball at the pins