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Seoul is 6,900 miles away from New York City.

While most fans of K-entertainment know the pain of being separated from people they love by continents and oceans, there is a huge difference between the fan struggle and the struggle of actually being in a long-distance relationship. (Since technically we aren't dating any Korean idols...yet)
I came across this awesome project by Danbi Shin and Seok Li that captures that struggle perfectly.
The artist couple is currently separated, with Danbi living in New York City and Seok living in Seoul, South Korea - where they had originally met. They are engaged to be married, but are spending time apart while they each work on exhibits in different parts of the world.

The couple photographs every day life and sees how their side of the world matches up with the other.

It helps make the nearly seven thousand mile gap between them feel a little bit smaller.

Danbi explained "I just wanted to embrace the romantic and normal moments as an ordinary couple, imagine eating cereal and watching taxis go by together."

The 14 hour time difference makes communication difficult, but sharing mundane and daily things like street signs and store fronts helps you forget the distance for a moment.

You can check out the Half&Half project:


"I think many people felt sympathy with our relationship. We received a lot of messages cheering for us from all over the world," Shin said.

Has anyone on Vingle experienced a long distance relationship like this?
This is the sweetest thing I've ever read!!!
I really wish that fairy-tale long distance relationships were more common. This actually really tore at my heart because I have a boy in Korea that I met while he was at an internship at my job in Florida. He and I became friends and then became rather...intimate friends. I fell rather hard for him and I liked to think that he had too, and that he would try harder to talk to me. It really is hard when you have a fantasy like this and the receiving end won't put in the effort. Still, I look at this and think of The Secret Message and think of Him and I smile.
it wasnt fully a relationship but i tried it where it was islands away. and i couldnt do it cause unlike them he and i barely talked. and it was more hard cause i think he lied to me. so it is very hard. but i believe it can work just have to have that one type of relationship like that. and have to both be all in it and just halfway or just one person trying. but i find this a beautiful story
I saw this!!! it's so cute and aw that's amazing I don't know first hand how hard long distance relationships are but I can guess its hard and it's amazing thay they're doing this and really cute 😊
who's cutting onions? why am I crying???? this is too cute ^__^
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