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Taking a Cat to South Korea -- Part 1: Paperwork
When I said I was taking my cat with me to live in South Korea, most people called me crazy. My relatives told me to buy a new cat upon arriving, and my friends just looked at me strangely and didn’t take me seriously. I adopted my cat only a year before and my parents adopted a puppy just before I left. The two didn’t get along, and I would never give up an animal unless it was under dire circumstances. So, I began the process. It’s not an easy one and it was difficult to find all of the information, but I hope I can make it easier for others by detailing the process here.
Are you traveling to Korea?
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This is so interesting. I'm leaving Korea tomorrow, and I wish I could have had my cat Miss.Tuffsey there! It would have been so much fun. But I am glad that there were Kitty cafes so that we could enjoy the cats even though we couldn't have them in our houses :/
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@mchlyang I currently live in Korea! @TessStevens yes, the kitty cafes make up for it! Maybe next time you can bring her ^^
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@salsaverde Ahh nice! You like it?
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@mchlyang yeah, it's pretty cool~
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