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Hey Vingle Nakama!!

I personally believe that the Thanksgiveaway is going splendidly. By my count we have roughly 33 unique participants! Though some of y'all should make sure to get back on the grind! No pressure of course, you have until the 30th to have all the {NN} cards (since the 16th) completed.
Since I've already asked what character you would WANT to date IRL, I thought it would only be apt to flip it to the other side of the coin. So that's today's question:

Which anime character would you least like to go on a date with?

Personally, I'd pick Revy for this one.

I know this seems like a bad pick for someone I *wouldn't* want to go on a date with, but realistically, she's way too violent and angry for me. It'd be like trying to date a hurricane. Plus, she'd think I'm too soft and unmanly.
Which isn't inaccurate, but still, I ain't tryna hear that.
"Which isn't inaccurate, but I ain't tryna hear that" that made me lol but yea I definitely need participate more just for the fact of participation. I have been busy I shall do better in the future!
Bwuahaha, At this point I couldn't even keep track if I got them all or not. I just like making cards. xD
I love Revy! She might kick you around a bit lol
Thats why I've been numbering my cards for this challenge @Danse makes it easier to keep up. :p
she is trigger happy