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So we left episode 4 with Hyun and Jian trapped in closet hiding from the other detectives at the crime scene.

With episode 5, we are FINALLY given some romance.

Don't get me wrong, I love the crime solving element of the drama but come on, its Seo In Guk, I want a kiss scene.
Now that Hyun is crashing at Jian's place to avoid the police, we of course get the typical Korena drama scene of the first aid kit.
Followed by the "falling asleep next to each other on the floor and waking up in the middle of the night to gracefully move her to the bed..."
and MY FAVORITE KDRAMA CLICHE, she wakes up to him making a full fledged gourmet meal. You can cook for me any day, Seo In Guk.
And then creepy-ass neighbor man is the doctor who is doing the autopsy on one of the murder victims so Hyun is able to look over the results. Sounds fishy right?
He's the attorney to a man that Hyun and Jian wanted to investigate. Is he, like, Korea's only lawyer or something?!
When questioning this man (who was wrongly accused for a murder, but now just pleads guilty for some reason...) Hyun gets really heated and makes the man admit that he didn't kill anyone. He then asks where the man's son (the only survivor of the murder) is...since Hyun believes the son might be a murderer.
The man freaks out and Hyun leaves the room to let Jian calm the man down and to get the info they need from him. (They're really working as a team now, awwww)
In order to get on the man's good side, Jian shares a story of her past and we find out her dad was a prison guard at the same prison that Hyun's dad worked at. He was the guard transporting Lee Junyeong to the hospital the night of Junyeoung's escape.
Jian's dad, and the murderer, disappears and her father is blamed with helping Junyeong escape.

So we got romance in the beginning of the episode, but the next half is just tears.

We find the man's son that Hyun was looking for, and find out who he plans to murder next.

Seemingly useless leader Kang Eun Hyeok saves the day by surprising the murderer (and the audience, lol) at the crime scene.

He's actually really funny during the fight favorite character perhaps?
Anyway, we suddenly feel horrible for the murderer because he so clearly was just trying to get revenge for his mother and sister's murder. (He was killing people linked to the murder...people who threw his father in jail...)
At the end though, we're given some hope. The father stays in prison, but the son gets sent to the exact same one. So, ten years later, the father and son are finally able to be together again which is all they really wanted.
Now the cutie lawyer man is pissed cause Hyun and Jian got rid of another suspect in the serial killings, and the couple is discovering they make a really great team.


I'm with @mistymaity...I didn't realize you were watching 1 ep a week!!! I can probably catch up with you by tonight... But the feels from this ep are: 😒😒😒😭😭😭
Oh I can't, Park Bo Gum is bae lol. Honey you are taking forever to finish this! lol! @kpopandkimchi
Thanks I realized that it has the name of the drama right on top. Lol :D
@mistymaity I knooooow hahahaha i just have had ZERO time lately! hahahah
U r waaaay too lagging in watching this drama @kpopandkimchi!!!
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