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"You Were Fine Fat"

When I was at my highest weight, I wasn't just just fat -- I was tried. I also became painfully aware of the different body issues I ran into.

My knees began to hurt. A hilly walk got me far more exhausted than it should of have. I had excruciating back pain. I felt sluggish, weak, tired, and uncomfortable.

I think people need to realize that 'compliments' like "you were fine when your were bigger" or "you should have stayed thick. Muscular girls are ugly." You need to remember those are not compliments at all.

If you were a larger woman who lost weight and is now fit and active, you can probably relate.

Here's some of the shitty things I've heard:

"You were beautiful thick. You didn't have to lose weight..."

And now being fit and healthy -- I'm still pretty! Thanks...

"If you bench press, you'll lose your t*ts."

Boy, bye. You're just jelly I can out bench you.

"If you stayed thick, I would have dated you."

Oh god. Why didn't you tell me this before? I'd totally would have given up my fitness journey to deal with your sh*t...

"Lifting weights is making you too muscular"

I'm sorry...did you think I am doing this for you? Because I am not. But if you want to do a flex competition, I'd totally do that with you.

"Why did you hate your body when you were fat?"

Who said I did? I just hated the knee pain, the hard breathing, the back pain, the inability to go on a casual jog without feeling like I was dragging several bowling balls along with me. I know I can rock the thick look. I just feel better fit.

"You're too skinny"

Great, so I am either too fat or too skinny. Either way, you suck and should keep your comments to yourself.

This is an example of a nice thing to say.

To like anyone. You're welcome.
I think it's great that you went and did what made you feel comfortable and happy, being healthy is more important than what other people have to say. I really need to take better care of myself too lol.
Tell em girl!! I absolutely agree with everything you said, especially, "I'm sorry...did you think I am doing this for you?" So true!! <3
I say who cares what anybody else thinks. ya can't please them all , besides I'm doing it for me!
when I started gaining a lot of weight, my knees began to hurt. now I am loosing it all again and I hated when ppl told me that I looked better bigger. like, I am sorry I am not going to put myself through that kind of pain for anyone. my weight made me spiral into depression and their negative comments didn't help it.
@LizArnone ah yes thanks for reminding me!
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