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Kekkai Sensen Started binging on this earlier this night but it's monday, and I got work in a few hours. ughhhh imma have to finish this when I get back home. but so far I'm at ep 7 and its..... interesting to say the least. lots of twists and turns in the story but the characters are all lovable I guess in a cute dorky sort of way.
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@BrittneyCasteel haha no problem, more than happy to know I could help 馃槉
it looks awesome 馃榿
@BrittneyCasteel wait stop! I'm sorry it's a trap noooo!!! I just finished it
ayyye, @livingdeadguy what you mean its a trap? 馃槀
@BrittneyCasteel its one of those traps you know is there but you still walk into it anyway! I do hope/expect a second season!