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Howdy LoveBugs, Koochie Koochie Koos and all L&R newcomers! <3 This week in Love & Relationship, I'm going to be starting a couple of new projects.
Lately, I've been really inspired by famous couples – fictional and otherwise. So I'm excited to introduce my newest project – Famous Couple of the Week! I aim to choose a couple and highlight a few things I love about them and their love.
This week's couple is...

Jake the Dog and Lady Rainicorn!

My favorite couple from Adventure Time, Jake and Lady are super adorable together. I didn't mean to pick an animated couple for our first couple of the week, but for some reason, these two sprang to mind! To me, they represent an uncomplicated love – a comfortable, longterm relationship that might be taken for granted sometimes, but in the best way possible.
There are many reasons these two work well together. Both of them are magical talking animals with stretchy powers; they also share common interests, like playing the viola. And both of them seem to kind of have dirty minds. Whatever, dude! Two people can get along well just because they're both slightly perverted. Happens to me all the time.
Perhaps the happiest day of Jake's life is when Lady Rainicorn gives birth to their five weird, adorable babies – half dog and half rainicorn. Something so touching and sweet happening on a freaky animated TV show for kids – it warms my heart in the strangest way. I like that the people who make the show depicted this beautiful family moment, especially for a quasi-interracial couple who are not (as far as we know) formally married. It shows a nontraditional relationship that, despite its quirks, works really, really well.
Case in point. They know how to get through the hard times like champs.

We love your love, Jake and Lady!!

Any other Adventure Time fans out there?!
I love Lady Rainicorn. She always says such secretly flirty stuff. She makes Jake all sorts of shy.
Finn bugging
I LOVE Jake and Lady Rainicorn!!!! And the BABIES!!!!
love it love it love it