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This is to answer @KoalaKohai This Vingler posted a card earlier asking the following questions.. So, here we go.
1. Favorite anime. - I literally cannot pick between the 2 so I'm choosing Naruto and One Piece. They have both completely changed my life for the better. ❤️
2. First anime you ever watched. - I'm not including Pokemon, Yugioh, or DBZ so my official answer would be One Piece. Not ashamed at all. It's pretty impressive if anything. One Piece is life. Haha.
3. Favorite character or characters. - This is too hard and I cannot and will not pick only one. I want to pick like 50 more but I'll stick with these choices. Monkey D Luffy, Itachi Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Gaara... They've all taught me so much. ❤️
4. Anime world that you would want to live in. - I chose Tokyo Ghoul for the simple fact I want to move to and live in Tokyo Japan SO badly! Haha.
5. Anime that relates to you most. - For me it's gotta be Soul Eater. I click with all the characters in this series more than any other. Chrona and Maka are me to a T. One is trying to prove their worth while the other is so socially awkward and not good at expressing their feelings at all.
6. Why do you like anime? - This is... A rough question. Why do I like anime? I've got a million reasons why. It's my go to when I've had a bad day. Bored? Watch anime. It keeps me entertained. It's taught me more than school ever did. I grow SO attached to some characters. It makes me happy.. It gives me a place that I belong. I could go on and on...
7. Name 20 anime that you have completely watched/seen. The last and final question. - So here goes.... 1. One Piece 2. Naruto 3. Soul Eater 4. Kill la Kill 5. Akame Ga Kill 6. Bryndilr In the Darkness 7. Fairytail 8. Noragami 9. Sword Art Online 10. Attack on Titan 11. Tokyo Ghoul 12. The Seven Deadly Sins 13. Hunter x Hunter 14. Fullmetal Alchemist 15. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 16. No Game No Life 17. Reborn 18. Durarara 19. Blue Exorcist 20. Parasyte
Hope you guys enjoyed this. (: Please take the otaku test and tag me in your cards!!! 😊😁