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Hello everyone! Sara is back! So, @kpopandkimchi did this card about why you should join the GOT7 fandom =HERE= , well.... She gave the majors, I'm just gonna give moooore details. I'm gonna make a individual card about each member before heading in the big card -yes, I actually got it all planned out- because it will be more fun for me and for you, and it will be easier to learn. If you haven't checked out my JB card, please do so =>HERE<=. . . . .

So with that covered, everyone get on the feelztrain....

. . . .


First of all, his whole name is Jackson Wang -*cough*Marks Boyfriend *cough*-. He is probably the most know member in all GOT7. His charming persona and charismatic attitude make him well known all over Korea-Ill get to that in a minute-. Not only that, he is very close to f(x) Amber, BTSs RapMonster, KARAs YoungJi and SuperJuniors Henry. Jackson is constantly praised by Neitzens -ಠ_ಠInternet Addicts, just a fancier way of saying it-. He more or less shot fame after coming out in Roommate -season 2, I believe-, his personality won him a whole lot of fans.
He is the lead rapper -fluent in English, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and French. God knows how.ಠ_ಠ- , main dancer and vocalist. Don't ask how he is all of those, he just is. He's basically perfect. Adding to that, to most of the members, Jackson is the mood maker -like me, oh my god! Sorry, sorry- and the sassies of them all. They all say he is basically the person who has the most positive vibes. Oh oh oh, I almost forgot. He is alSO BOYFRIEND MATERIAL. JUST SAYING.
He trained in JYPEnt. for 2 years -if I'm not wrong- along with YoungJae, Mark and BamBam. Dont know them? Hold on a minute Dear young IGOT7- I MEAN YOUNG CHILD. He has currently been living about 4 yeas now in Korea, 2 training and other 2 with his hyungs, GOT7. Hes got Chinese ancestry, and was born in HongKong. He was in the Hong Kong National Fencing Team -of course he was, his dad was the coachಥ_ಥ-, and has been fencing since he age of 10. -I think in 2011- he won 1st place in the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship -yeah, something like that (」゚ロ゚)」-. *I don't mean to cause any inappropriate thoughts, but imagine his arms.... ಠ_ಠ ......
His birthday is on March 28th, he is pretty short for his age though, he is legit 5'7, and he's either 21 or 22 -we got an Aries here! To those who believe in these things, go check if he's compatible or something. Wait! right after his card OK? I'm a Sagittarius, this could go well (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I had heard -around the beginning when I joined this black hol- I mean paradise with rainbows and no stress, so I'm sorry if I'm mistaken, but I did hear it somewhere- that his parents were totally against the idea of Jackson being a trainee -I mean, it makes sense because his dad is a National Fencing Coach and his mothers a Gold Olympic Medal Winner Gymnastic- , so, they had to make a deal. His dad made him promise that if he got 1st place in the thing I said earlier about Cadets and Fencing -please don't make me say it all over again.-, he would be able to audition and go. Now I don't know much about his audition, all I know is that he basically made it 1st place and went to JYP. So one thing we can know for sure about him, he is stubborn. Well, no. Not stubborn, mostly determined. He sets his mind to things.
He is currently 'single' - uh-hu, whatever. Please explain MarkSon then.-. He has had 3 past relationships that somehow -cause yeah, he doesn't know- went wrong. He constantly brags and says everyone likes him, when in reality its not really a lie, everybody does like him - he he, bruh, whatchathink?-. Though -just FYI people. FYI! Don't go around screaming your head off that you are perfect for him or something. Try not to do anything crazy. I know a few IGOT7s, and well, they aren't well in the head. Thank God not as crazy as EXO-Ls though.... No offense to you all, I'm one too- his ideal type is a healthy, attractive or charming woman. -Not Mark... Uh-hu. Yeah right.-. He's a flirt, though. Try not to get too attached. It could be dangerous. But what's terribly sweet about this, is that he already thinks of what he will do when he's a father and stuff. He won't Luke to hit them, but he will have to put them in their place.... Super cute. The only bad thing about him, is that he curses a loooooot. But that's basically the only downfall to this precious thing.


Yah, that's enough. Well, did you guys learn a new thing today? Are any of you turning into Jackson Stans? Tell me what you liked the most about him! @kpopisnylife you wanted to see this?


Anyhow, I really hoped you all enjoyed this card, please keep in tune with >>>>>MY COLLECTION<<<< for the rest of my cards and future parts of this project! Trust me, it will be easier when it ends. My inbox is always open in case anyone needs it.


this boy is perfrction. My love for him is unhealthy. he is my ultimate bias of .....all. ....freaking...time.... and just his perfrction is unfair. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 잭손오빠 사랑해요
I'm taller then him by 2 almost 3 inches.... it's not fair. x.x
I'm like up to his shoulder @TracyLynnn XD.