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I was really busy and never made my introduction.. well here it is. I love a variety of things. Mostly here for Anime and K-pop. Really look forward to everyone's posts and interests.
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Welcome to the family! If you have any questions feel free to ask me or one of the other staff members :D <3
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Welcome 馃槉
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I'm new too, so we can be new together. :)
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@LAVONYORK No I am not a comic book fan. but with so many people into it heavily I feel like I am really missing out @nnatalieg I am currently watching Gintama since I never watched all of it or watched it straight through. if you have any recommendations please share :) @ButterflyBlu I've seen a shit ton. most recent is godeater, one punch man, rosario to vampire, caught up on one piece catching up on fairytale. Bands I got out of touch with my kpop and I'm currently trying to dive back in @BambiTheFawn thank you for the support I'll follow you as well. To everyone please take good care of me and lots having a vingle mingle
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