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My best Twitter moment Ever! In the history of Ever! While gaming!
Wait for it... Please scroll over for the photo without the random red line lol
He responds... And I said to my friends "on the words of the great Pam Poovey sploosh"
But I had this reaction over the mic, fangirl overload! Yeah, phrasing.... L A Von York @BeannachtOraibh @buddyesd @VinMcCarthy @paulisaghost @shannonl5 @nobankai @MoisEsGaray and all Vingle Video Gamers!
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@GrowingArt I love video games and don't get me started on Archer lol. I was originally going to use the gif with Pam and the burrito but I think that might have been too much for people lol
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Good times, Pam is amazing!
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@GrowingArt finally someone else who likes Archer besides me! You sir are awesome
2 years ago·Reply
As are you! @LAVONYORK
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OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME. This is seriously the best part about using Twitter. I feel like otherwise it gets kind of boring, but when you're able to reach out to someone famous you admire and they respond to you, it's like *o*
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