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Be afraid.
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@carlosdang It's yawning. It was probably chilling and napping and decided to yawn just as the pic was taken. After the pic was taken, it closed it's mouth and decided the shade was really lovely and then proceeded to take a power nap.^^ I need to go to bed now. >_<
Yeah, looks like what you describe, haha @Saravy Anyway, this kitty cat doesn't have as many teeth as I expected. Just 4 sharp ones and really tiny ones. They must have one hell of a bite then. Have a good night, guys!
I agree, even with those 4 big teeth, I still wouldn't want to get bitten. ^^
@Saravy Yeah. Go to bed, already. o(〃^▽^〃)o Ahahaha! @carlosdang I should really go too. Oh my god. The screen is starting to blur. I don't usually stay up so late. Lol!
Boss of the jungle!!