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Hello Fellow Kpop Fangirls and Fanboys I am back after a month or so of not writing anything started a new job so kind of been totally dead due to it. Still that does not mean I have not kept up my fellow Vingler's cards and Music. So far this has been an exciting month for Kpop Fanatics. Due to comebacks by VIXX,BAP and soon enough BTS. While most have released new albums . I'm pretty excited about the Christmas albums to come as well or at least covers and one of my favorite new Christmas song is GOT7 "Confession Song" it is so cute and happy going.

So pretty much the members of GOT7 are in disguise as Rudolph cool right lol.

They are on a special mission to kidnap ... umm I mean escort certain students to a certain location.

There location seems to be a school gymnasium that they have managed to sneak into to decorate. Christmas Lights and a christmas wold are done by the boys hard work and don't forget they carry baby deer's.

Then the kidnapped students are surprised and serenaded a ... "CONFESSION SONG" (where in the world were the boys when I needed their help lol) there's a classmate hidden behind a lovely cute bear head.

Then there's just moments where the boys are just being totally adorable I'm surprised the girl didn't fall for them lmao.

As the song is coming to an end .... there identities are revealed and they each confess to their crushes and ask them out. I mean of course now GOT7 are matchmakers as well.

Then it's a happy ever after type of ending. Personally I thought it was cute and why didn't this ever happen to me in highschool *sigh*

My question is did you guys fangirl this hard ? And if you were kidnapped by GOT7 and serenaded by them what would you have done?

@Rebecca22 I was thinking the same but just knowing that someone liked me that much to confess in that wag would bring me to tears
I would fangirl and ignore the boy confessing so I could focus more on Got7.
I fangirls so hard and I wished that they would be able to come to my school and do that because someone has a crush on me and that won't tell me who they are.