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The music played today on country music radio is a joke. Its more like teen pop...every one is in costume singing along to a drum loop. If you've been looking for true Country/Americana then this card is for you. These five musicians/bands (Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams, Ryan Bingham, American Aquarium and Lucero) are just a few suggestions for somebody to start with. Jason Isbell's album Southeastern and his follow-up Something More Than Free are somewhat of a masterpiece in songwriting. Ryan Adam's Heartbreaker is a true classic along with it's follow-up titled Gold. Ryan Bingham won an Oscar for his song The Weary Kind and Junky Star was produced by T Bone Burnett It's a true work of art. American Aquarium broke loose with Burn.Flicker.Die which was produced by none other than Jason Isbell. Finally, Lucero has their self titled album along with one titled Tennessee that are each a must listen.