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Ever wondered how your favorite groups stack up against each other in terms of age?
I found a cool list of all the average ages of some popular boy groups as of January 1st, 2016 (if you didn't know already, Korean age is calculated differently from international age, and everyone "ages" at the turn of the new year!)

Check out this list of average Korean ages for your favorite groups :)

Let's go from oldest to youngest (sorry, noona fans lol, I'm with you on this one)

Did any of them surprise you?!

Seventeen is LOL
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two groups are older than me everyone else younger
2 years ago·Reply
Every group is younger than me..........
2 years ago·Reply
Junjin :) (shinhwa)
2 years ago·Reply
Lol eight years between my two.... Big Bang and Seventeen.... bright side is Seventeen will be there to console my heart while BB is off being men!
2 years ago·Reply
Only 7.5 years on me
2 years ago·Reply