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Dean is one of my favorite people on supernatural. This show really makes me happy and makes me feel like I'm able to do a lot of things that I felt as if I couldn't do and it made believe that anything was possible maybe not all the monsters but the love and the plain out that anything can go wrong any minute so watch out. I really compare myself to him I have a lot of his personality traits like •snarky •sassy •carefree •sarcastic •caring •loving Tell me in the comments about your relationship with dean or Sam I love both of those babies so tell me which one do u like more. ❤️❤️
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Omg same I honestly think he has changed me the way his emotions are and he is just loving he still took Cas in even after all the things he done I have been trying to be like him but I mean I'm close but no one can match the way he cares for people I mean Sam, Cas,ken, and even Crowley I mean really @AshleyJewell
lol! There is no other like Dean Winchester. That much is for sure. I do want to confess that Sam more or less gets on my fucking nerves..... He acts like Dean's a moron and then finally after Dean becomes a demon Sam wants to act all OMG I gotta save him? I dun think so....
Well I mean don't get me wrong I love moose but he does act like a baby until squirrel is in trouble so I mean I love him but he does need to get up to the level ❤️ u moose ❤️ u squirrel @AshleyJewell
dont know him but dang is that man smexy