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so my friend posted this on FB after getting repeatedly slammed for not really following "newer" groups (she's a semi 1st Wave/full 2nd Wave Hallyu fan like me). I don't know where she got it from. it's a bit harsh imo. I guess I just don't understand bashing ANY group. especially now since we know what they go through just to debut live/perform. if you don't like a group, fine. peace luv.
I get it. How often do people talk about Shinhwa? They have been around 17 years and newer fans have no clue who they are. I get the frustration.
I agree with ur friends post completely. It isn't making fun of or bashing newer groups it's calling out the ignorant fans of the newer groups. I've been into kpop even before some of these older groups debut. The newer generation of fans can be quite harsh. If you're not a fan or just not that "into" a group they love they will rip you apart. I still love my older groups but I also listen to newer ones as well....just not into them like the older ones cuz IM older now and really just don't have the time. 😊 They debut waaay to often now it's hard to keep up!