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The plan is by @kpopandkimchi to have a day for every BTS member! Link: Today is V Day!!!!~♡
1. He's Adorable!~♡ How could anyone say otherwise? No more words needed!
2. He's a cute 4D Alien!~♡ He's so weird, funny and cute! He's the Best 4D idol ( in my opinion )!!!~♡
3. He's perfect! He's cute , funny , 4D, & handsome ! ! !♡ Happy V Day!~♡Yay!~♡
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He is just too much, I love his expressions and his humor just seeing his smile is enough to make the day better
@merryjayne13 IKR! I drown in feels everytime no matter how much I try not to.
he needs to LIVE in that hat I LOVE IT
Yes yes yes!! I do accept lol 😘