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It's time to announce the winner of the "Sell Your Ship" giveaway! Are you ready to find out who's ship sailed the fastest, the strongest, and made it out on top?
There are so many ships out there, but there is one that sailed above the rest...

And it was @Danse 's ship!!!! HELLLOOO Ichigo and Rukia!

Lots and lots and LOTS of you were into talking about that ship, and so @Danse win's a cool set of SAO dvds! I'll message you about how to get your prize later today ^-^
Check out Danse's full card here....it's pretty awesome!

Thanks for participating, everyone!

If you'd like a chance to win a FAIRYTAIL DVD SET, join in the challenge that @VinMcCarthy is running "Nakama November!" All you gotta do is a make an easy card every day and you have a chance to win!! Here's the full rules ^^
YAY. I'm so giving these to my kid. He's going to flip his lid in excitement. Thank you so much! :D And of course, thanks to every who commented, Vingle and of course hikaymm for hosting the Contest! :3 *muahmuah*
@Danse Congrats! It was a great card. ^^
Great job @Dance you fricken earned it!