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Something about seeing cosplayers outside of their natural habitats is just so very odd. I mean, cosplayers have to eat, too (don't I know it!) but sometimes the places you spot some characters is too weird or funny to believe.

Since when do holograms eat froyo?

Cashier: "Hello sir what would you like?"

Link:Taaaah, yahhh, haaaaaaa, heeeehhhhh!"

Navi:" hey listen!"

Fundraising gets tough sometimes!

Wakes up. Looks out window. "Finally."

Where have you been caught & photographed that was outside of a con or wherever you were meant to be in cosplay?

I remember one time I got stopped walking to my car before even driving to a con. I was wearing a crazy pink wig, and a man came up to me and told me I had the best hair in the whole city. He totally didn't realize I was in cospaly, but it was one of my most memorable cosplay moments!