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There are 6273848462 reasons to love V but here are 3 of my reasons to love V!! (Let the Bts comeback countdown begin!!!) 1) His Beautiful Voice! *V has such a unique voice that stands out in all their songs. He is underrated and deserves more praise for his strong angelic voice. 2) His Beautiful Personality *V is seriously the sweetest. He is a loving older brother, animal lover, and cares for his fans. (If you watch bts vids you know exactly what i mean) 3) V is just V * V doesn't crave attention, he is simply himself. His goofy faces, his adorable moments, his playfulness. Thats just how our V is. (Not to mention he is ADORABLE !!! But there is way more to V then that.)
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ah, yes...V's voice...the voice I can pick out of ANY BTS song