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Group photo, Rap Monster, Suga, Jin

November 24th, 2015
Here is the second part of BTS Concept photos.
I'm studying and this came out. THIS IS SUCH A DISTRACTION BUT I LOVE IT!!! This week is definitely a hell for me... (i have a huge exam in two weeks, but BTS comeback is in one week) HELP!!!
I am left speechless about the beauty and the quality of this concept photos. I really appreciate both big hit and BTS for the work they put into this year's comeback. The most beautiful moment in life part 1 and 2 are just pure art and beauty. Here's Bangtan Boys HD concept photos for us!
It's great that they look like they're having fun with this comeback. Everything just perfect! Group photos are amazing, each member photos are beautiful. They've done a great job!
Rap Mon looks great, not everbody could rocks pastel color hair. Especially guys in pink pastel? Definitely not a lot, and he still looks manly on it. Slap those haters, they can't look this good!
Suga is sweeter than sugar! He becomes so beautiful from time to time... I don't understand how, but look at him from the beginning until now!!! I am speechless... And again, who can rock every single of hair color like suga? Anybody?!
Jin, he might be a pink princess, but he could be a prince too! THAT JAW LINE!!! His eyes... nose... lips... and legs.... even his fingers.... BEAUTY. Everything.

J-Hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook

They have those pins on them that says something... Is it "Vote for MM(?)" Rap mon's says "Are you kidding me?" could it be a hint or something?
I really love each of these picture, but i think J-Hope's suprised me the most. (2nd picture) He looks amazing and beautiful, and he definitely climbed up my bias list because of that.
Bubbles, orange hair, and Jimin definitely looks great together.
I personally not into choker, but V is an exception! He really looks good on it, plus his hair is unexpected too. Still looks good on him!
Jungkook grows into an amazing guy huh? I'm amazed by him! (I'm actually as old as him) but he has done so much that it drives me to work hard to! Everybody in BTS does!
I'm expecting something tomorrow too. We'll see!
P.s. Vingle decided to quit on me 3 times. so i have to start this card from the beginning for 3 times... Idec i have to post BTS... :(