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{NN} Training to Beat Super Saiyan

I've only seen the movies but I'd choose Whis as my sensei.

He's the strongest of the strong (or pretty close at least) and can attack faster than a persons brain can tell their body how to react.
This guy is crazy strong. Like can take down someone who can take down Goku strong. And if I could become strong enough to even put up a fight against Goku, I could die happy. Whis can put up with Beerus' antics, so he's definitely got a lot of patience. Which is good because I can only do 5 push ups as is lol And I highly doubt I'd get bored training with Whis. Learning how to manipulate objects would always be a plus, too!
All I would have to do is bring Whis and Beerus some delicious mexican food and voila`, my training begins!
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Great Choice!! ^_^
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Thanks! :)
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