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You know RickRolling right? When that catchy song, "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley was on EVERYTHING.

You think you would be clicking a special link when it would just take you to the song...And then your face would be all...

Well, when Anonymous (a secret hacking organization) announced their cyber war against ISIS. They set to work taking down the bad guys.
Adding the video link to all the hyperlinks ISIS posts on social media.

Essentially: Replacing ISIS propaganda with Rick Astely!

I'm imagining ISIS clicking on their links and being all...

What do you think? Silly tactic or hilarious use of humor to stop the bad guys?

pretty hysterical.
5ecret 5quirrel was also the name of an underground hacktivist group of the late 90s, led by crazy5quirrel and Sqrlgrl, just so ya know. This is a very cool-headed move, even better than exposing ISIL members. It does greater damage to the group, because it emasculates the group, undermines their recruiting efforts and fear mongering.
@InPlainSight that is just terrifying... lol.
Nope...if you don't have video I..will never be admitting to playing that or any Vanilla Ice tunes in my cassette deck..LMAO.
I like....personally I would have used this.... just because it would have been funnier inside my head.
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