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One person I could never stand to go on a date with is Naki... He's an an immature idiot. I can respect the fact that he wants to protect those he cares about, but I hate everything else about him!!!
The hideous eye shadow, the white suit, the childlike attitude, it's all super annoying to me. And I really didn't dislike his look til he opened his mouth lol Seriously though, is there a scene where this kid isn't crying/screaming or throwing some sort of tantrum? The whole time he was screaming, I was yelling at him to be quiet! Even now, I can still perfectly hear his voice screaming "Boss Yamori!" in the back of my head. Guess what annoys us sticks with us lol
Obviously I was on the ghouls side cause Kaneki <3
But the one time I was rooting for Mado to win was when she stabbed Naki.
Is it bad that I was hoping Akira would permanently shut him up?
Oh well, maybe he'll mature some in season 3.
I feel you ..but hey that's what makes his character perfect @iixel
@ebethoven I just couldn't stand all the screaming lol
I think his stupidity is funny 😁