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“What does Diversity mean to me?” Well to me Diversity has always been a synonym for different. Some people might argue that diversity is strictly for different cultures, but I don’t necessarily think that’s true either. My whole life is an example of diversity. I was adopted when I was about 3 years old to an African American family. My life already more diverse than the other children. Every time my parents would come to parent teacher conferences I would could the looks and stares of how? And why? And when? And just all these questions just filled inside of them until they had to let them out to me. Until I got to fifth grade and I became even more different. That’s when I discovered that I was Mexican, and by discovered I mean they finally told me. This began the whole submerging effect of being introduced to a whole new culture. I used every piece of allowance to get books, and learning CDs. I took Spanish class, and paid attention to it like it was the most important class of my life, and to me, at the time, it was. It became the important thing in my life, because it was the identity that I had that no one else could see. I wanted to learn more. The laughing only made me search more words, and the disbelief only made me go further into a world where I didn’t belong. Not belong? What do you mean by that? I mean exactly that. I didn’t belong there. “If you can’t speak Spanish, then you’re not Mexican.” That one sentence drove me to learn Spanish. Then when I learned that. I wasn’t Mexican, because I didn’t know the culture well enough. Until finally we got down to the point of. I was just too white. I was no longer submerging. I was sinking. I wasn’t learning Spanish because I loved it anymore. I was learning because I had something to prove. I was the puzzle piece that didn’t fit in its place, and so I kept jamming myself in the space. I kept pushing and pushing…until I didn’t look how I was made to be. That’s when I gave up. I gave up trying to be what everyone expected. I gave up trying to be the stereotypical Mexican in hoping to help people see what I was, and not what I am. If you would have asked me what does diversity mean when I was fourteen. I would have said the same as everyone else. I probably would have said the same as everyone else. That it’s just a matter of having a different culture than someone else, but now I know. Culture is not the only way that we are different. We have become so different that people have made categories, of sub categories, and then a tiny note at the end. We are not all 100% the same. We are actually all 99.32 percent the same. In a way, Diversity involves everyone, because we are all different.
Great card! I can't believe I JUST came across this.
great way to sum it up @petname83 :)
to simplify it, everyone is diverse, so we're all the same. gotta love being human
Diversity is all those little stories that you have @buddyesd! combining them to create you.:)
@KiraHitomi I've been told the bs about Spanish and being not being Mexican, I grew up never needing it as I'm a third generation Texan but when I first moved to laredo 15 years ago is when I got hit with all kinds of insults towards myself and my family. (my last name is McMullen but it's only because my dad's step-dad adopted him) I did learn Spanish but it was only to talk to my then love interest. it's stupid that people take that kind of view. I never saw myself as Mexican or any other type of group labe, im just me.
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