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It's Hell Week here on Vingle for ARMY's and this is day one. Yes it's a dreaded Monday, but its also V Day... or Taehyung Day... Alien Day... 4-D day.... I call it Unfairly Sexy Bias List Ruiner Stay in Your Lane Rude Boy Day.
Let's Start with those rude bedroom eyes...
.... And end up with some rude moments
When you put all this boy's antics together, it'll stop a fangirl's heart. Warning: Sexy Overload Here. Click Play at Your Own Risk.
Yep it's Rude Monday for me. How about you?
Why he gotta be so effing rude 😩😩😩 and why did I have to press play
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@LexTay327 lol right!! I did warn you 😏
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