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My kitties ฅ'ω'ฅ
Mew & Mewtwo. Respectively. (The one laying on the table and the one in the bowl thing) And now a little story.... Mew fell and hit his head as a kitten, so now he's a tad slow in regards to environmental processing. Also, his cat like reflexes aren't very cat like any more; he doesn't exactly land on his feet sometimes. We were fostering both of them and they just hit it off immediately and became best friends. They're called "foster failures" because we ended up adopting them. They're little trouble makers in their own kitty ways.
My third kitty, Midnight. Licking my heel for some reason.
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cute cats. my son has a cat, her name is soraka. his mom foud her in a parking lot as a small kitten and took her home.
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