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Here's a cute bunny to satisfy all your bunny needs :3 anyways...

A bunch of y'all chose A for me to answer so here it is!

>_> yes I'm super late ;-; I bet people forgot about me by now but that's okay~ Anywho TIME TO STALK MEH 😱😄
1. I am heavily and extremely Kookie biased :3 Idk if you could tell by my name or anything XD 2. BTS's comeback is literally going to kill me and I will die after November is over. It's just a fact ;-;
3. My top 3 groups are, in no particular order, BTS, BAP, and TOPP DOGG :3 (and yes I put a picture of Jiho to represent TD so WAT he's beautiful ;3;) 4. My biases of those groups is basically everyone because DAMN IT THEY'RE ALL SO GREAT I CAN'T JUST CHOOSE ONE😫😫😫😍
5. Ok for real if I HAD to pick one/more because I still can't pick just one bias, they'd be: BTS: Kookie and Tae :3 BAP: Daehyun and Youngjae TOPP DOGG: Hojoon, Xero, Hansol and Byoungjoo 6. I sorta ship all of em.... Yeah XD having more than one bias means I'll more than likely ship em XD canon or not because I'M SPECIAL But seriously like I will fight you over how canon these ships are 😎😎😎
7. I absolutely adore UP10TION with all my heart and I can't wait for their comeback 😍😍😍🙃😊 8. In case you couldn't tell by this card or anything I've said EVER, I like Kpop quite a lot 😜✨💕
9. I love sweet derpy things :3 (tehee) 10. I am a YouTube addict at its worst. So basically 90% of my life is spent procrastinating and watch YouTube stuff then actually doing some work only to go back into YouTube :D it's a horrifically lovely cycle
11. I make the most HORRIFIC AND UGLY FACES GAHHH ;-; and I don't always want to but I'm just so expressive with my face that it just happens 😞 at least ppl laugh I guess.. 12. I am extremely bizarre and confuse people on a daily basis XD I'd even go so far as to say I'm 4D MWAHAHA But people seem to enjoy being around me so I guess being strange is a good thing 😆
13. I love memes too much 14. I also love sleep too much
15. I'm running out of things to say and I think Youngjae is getting tired of my shit XD but dude side note Youngjae is so squishy and BOOTIFUL 😭😭💕 16. I know some Chinese, Korean and a tiny bit of Japanese :3 I can read and write Korean (fairly well but I don't understand everything) and I can read and write some Chinese (badly tho :p but I still can~) so you could say I'm a bit food at languages :3 (plz don't think I'm being arrogant I'm really not trying to boast ;--; I'm just saying it's a part of me~)
17. I'm really freaking tall and it sucks ;-; (~180 cm or between 5'10" and 5' 11") 18. I'm a super passionate person. Which is a good and a bad thing XD basically if I like something, I LOVE it. I go all out and immerse myself into whatever I'm into. So it's hard for me to understand people who kind of have one foot in one thing and one foot in another. Like how do people not fully invest themselves into what they love? XD that's just my thinking tho... Yes Ik I'm weird 😎
19. Never give me any kind of false hope because I will totally believe it and won't be able to let my thoughts shut up about it. Having a crush on somebody is super bad for me because I overthink every little tiny thing that'll happen whenever I'm around them XD basically I overthink everything and my brain doesn't know how to be quiet :D which can be great if I'm needing to be creative... Which I guess you could say I'm overly creative. 20. I can lucid dream on command, meaning I control my dreams constantly until I go into REM sleep/ when I'm completely knocked tf out xDD and you'd think being able to lucid dream all the time would be great, and it can be, but let me tell ya, when you run out of things to dream about... Sleeping actually gets boring. It's actually happening to me right now/ the past couple nights. I've run out of ideas to dream about XD I'm positive nobody will relate to this so... Idk how to explain it ;-; sorry... But basically I get bored when I can't think of good stuff to dream about XDDD and consequentially if something bad or stressful happens, you guessed it, I dream about it. I plan stuff in my dreams XD wtf is wrong with me I DUNNO OK IM DONE
Yay! You read this entire boring card about me! :D congrats. Have a gorgeous pic of Hakyeon ♥️💕✨ Ok well that's that. Hope you enjoyed stalking me :D I got pretty personal towards the end so.... Appreciate it XD >. seriously though I hate opening up DHHSHSUAHDHCHDHEJ Ok so here's the ppl that wanted this~ : @nenegrint14 @punkpandabear @ArmyStarlight @thePinkPrincess @B1A4BTS5ever