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I know for a fact that Digimon was the first anime I ever watched, even before Pokemon came out, because I had the hardest time remembering it growing up. I could only vaguely remember Tai and Agumon.
WarGreymon was the reason I looked it up years ago to watch it again. I mean WarGreymon was THE Digi champion imo. No Digimon has or ever will be greater than him.
Now this aired on Fox Kids wayyy back. How I remembered any show I don't even know. I was only 2 maybe 3. But I grew up on Fox Kids. But I have to say, there were others before Digimon.
XMEN was my first animated show I ever saw. This set the path for what type of heroes and shows I would like. Wolverine back then was and still is my favorite. I'm happy that he's such a popular character, but damn back then, no one liked him but me. They would say he had lame powers, metal claws and could heal, big deal. But to me he was the ultimate xmen, even the best Marvel character of all time.
And it's because of him, that Batman became my favorite DC character. Which also aired on Fox Kids. So for me, comic based cartoons were what started me on anime. And well now we're here.
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Now it's our turn to save the digital world! I call Gatomon
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@TiffanyWallace Agumon let's goooo
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Digimon. digital monster. Digimon are the Champions! @LivingDeadGuy
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@TiffanyWallace Digivolve into champions, digivolve into ultimate! 馃幎馃幍馃幎
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