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Thanksgiving is around the corner. For many of you, it's a day that we get to enjoy time with our family and friends. For guys in a new relationship, it's the most intense day of the year.
Turkey Day is the biggest test of "cuffing season." On Thanksgiving you will meet her family and close friends. She will probably be looking to show you off, and you better be ready for the big day.
For those who are worried they will let their lady down, I have listed five "must do's" to survive your first day meeting the parents.

1-Bring a gift

Gifts are a great way to break the ice. Do your research and bring something they like or need. It will show that you pay attention to details and will score you a lot of points with the parents early in the battle.

2-Dress to impress

Today is not the day for your "lucky sweats" and your tired old sneakers. Do yourself a favor and wear a nice collared shirt and some slacks.

3-Avoid too much physical contact with your girlfriend.

Today is NOT the day to be all over your lady. Show some self control in front of her parents. It will show you have respect for her and them. With that being said, nothing wrong with holding her hand, which shows you care. Find balance in this one for sure.

4-Be polite and respectful of their beliefs and opinions.

Odds are you won't agree with everything they believe in or do while in their presence. Remember this key and you will survive the day: Today is NOT ABOUT YOU. Smile, agree to disagree and keep the conversation light and positive. Let them win the battle and focus on the war another day.

5-Get on Mom’s good side.

Odds are that dad is either going to hate your guts or go with the flow or mom. In other words, don't rock the boat with dad and focus your energy on pleasing mom. If mom is happy you will probably make it through the day.
Follow the rules above and you will make it out of Turkey Day with ease. Trust me.
Hahaha yes! my family loves when a guy I bring home bring wine or beer (we accept all gifts of alcohol in my household)
As a woman, this applies to me as well. Thanks for saving my hide when I go to my boyfriends house tomorrow