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Don't act like you don't practice these lol!
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I am not even a weeboo but did practice this back in middle school 馃槀
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I practice the kuji-in and kuji-kiri rather than these seals. these are prayers that (according to legend) are said to enhance specific attributes of a shinobu. there is Rin (to enhance physical and mental strength) Hyo/Pyo (channeling ki) T艒 (balancing your state of mind/ harmonize) sha (quicken the healing process) kai (sense danger/ dangerous surroundings) jin (reading basic thought (emotion, etc) by different tells in target's subconscious) and so on. I am going to say this: These are not the reason why these nine hand seals are intended for in use, these are SIDE EFFECTS.
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@leslieee9090 why be a ghoul when you can be the pirate saiyan hokage king? said nobody ever. always be a ghoul, its better than anything else.
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omg I really try but I just can't get it right 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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I've always loved ninjas and the mystery that they are
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