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@glo86 what have you done to me?!?!?! I know I asked you for the BTS video, but I didn't realize it would come at the cost of my social life haha
BTS live Got7 live do you know I was up all night haha and watching any other videos they decided to post. and they can see your comments. gah I'm afraid I will never leave my room again haha
Thanks to you and this new app I've fallen deeper into this hole that is Kpop lol
oh well haha
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I know! I so binged when I got it! @nenegrint14
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@glo86 wow sorry I'm just now seeing this. I still like it, but I'm only really watching it when BTS is on. 2pm isn't posting anymore, and only Got7 occasionally lol but the live broadcasts are so hard to catch. I'm always late haha
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@MadAndrea haha I still try. .. just not as much lol
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@nenegrint14 I only really watch BTS because their stuff is entertaining. I occasionally watch B.A.P but aside from their live music things the other videos are pretty uninteresting, not trying to be mean lol. I did like the B.A.P attack stuff from forever ago.
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@MadAndrea lol that's because they are all mental (and we are too for being crazy about them lol)
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