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Another Vingler, @nicolejb mentioned how she'd prefer to wed outdoors. So I thought it might be nice to share a few snapshots of romantic outdoor ideas for getting married.
As you can see, I didn't choose over the top looks. These are very subtle, nuanced and easy. Nothing complicated or over-done to drown out the affair.
I love looks like these because you can have intimate nuptials without your guests being distracted by everything else that is going on at the wedding. Let the focus be on the happy couple!
For more great ideas on flowers and weddings, be sure to click here and follow my collection!
@nicolejb definetely :3
Nature makes me so happy too @Luci546 :) fresh air for a wedding sounds like the best option for me!
I love this ^^ Trees have always and will always make me happy. How can a bride be sad surrounded by nature and loved ones?
so true @luci546
Totally! @marshalledgar that's the risk you have to take for being out in nature :) i would do it though.
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