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Help a starving art student! haha I am selling these hand-made aromatherapy Madoka Kyubey Eye Pillows, filled with flax, chamomile and lavender for some magical relaxation. For those of you who don’t know me (which is 98% of you really) I am a full-time student going to school to become an art teacher someday. I also work about 30 hours a week at a great job, but I still want to knock out some unruly student debt! So off and on throughout the school year I make some awesome geekery to help me with bills, or in this case, the holidays.
Mostly I'm just proud of how this turned out and I can't share it anywhere else because I'm giving some friends one for Christmas! Soon I'll have a Cardcaptor one and a Kiki's delivery service one too!
Here is the link to like or buy on my Etsy shop: Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!
I hate Kyubey!!! But the show was amazing though. I really really liked it it's one of my fav anime actually
So cute!!! Great work!
Welcome :)
@allobaber thank you!
oh its below the last photo! ill add the full link instead ^^ thanks for telling me @tamikarussel
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