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Another exciting drama for Oppa and for all of us..Heirs‘ (working title)! ‘Heirs’ will be a 20-episode drama and has already piqued the interest of fans with the reveal of its top-notch writer and director, Kim Eun Sook and Kang Shin Hyo PD, as well as its male lead Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho shared, “As I normally watch writer Kim’s productions, I wanted to definitely work with her and my wish was fulfilled through this opportunity. Working with the writer and director whom I respect, I think it will become a meaningful production.” However they have yet to decide who the leading lady Minoz who would you like to be Oppa's new leading lady? I personally like Yoon Eun-hye (from "missing you") or Song Hye-kyo (from "That winter, the wind blows)
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I want his leading lady to be Park Min Young again, they look good together,I want MinMin couple to be back.Please grand my request.
any girls but please dont repeat the previous female actress who had worked with him
agree with you popi. :).
Park Min-Young..
Lee Da Hei..