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Donald Trump reaches a new low everyday during his campaign.
Trump made a bunch of headlines due to his controversial quotes and actions during his rally in Alabama. He confronted a Black Lives Matter protester and asked for the crowd’s assistance to “get him out of here.”
The crowd took his words literally as they knocked the protester to the ground with a series of punches and kicks.
According to CNN, Southall reported that the rally attendees “also called him and two fellow protesters ‘monkeys’ and the n-word.”
On Sunday, Trump phoned into Fox News and shared his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Protester who was harmed during the speech, stating “Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

Trump should be ashamed of himself for condoning this type of activity at his rally.

with this mad man he is pure ignorant to the letter T.... he thinks he is Almighty... so things he argue about he use bias information to back it up... I'm surprise that he has votes... which is a bad thing because he hate anything that is not white, rich and racist... if he do become president... the gap between the poor and the rich is gonna triple... a shame that people waist there time on him...
Personally I dont trust anything the media says anymore. These individuals claim that people called them inappropriate words, but there is no evidence of that. Now while there is evidence that they were removed from the event what is not mentioned is why they were removed. I dont agree with police brutality, not in the least, but the whole "black lives matter" movement is nothing more than a joke. We are a nation goverened by a bi-racial president, with a black D.O.J. and dozens more of black senators, Govenors, judges, etc. . As such the goverment statistics have continued to prove that based of of the total population of each race compared to the number of individuals killed by police from each race shows that more white people are killed by police then blacks but that blacks are right behind them in second. The total of black lives lost from police last year was just over 300 out of the total 1100 killed all together. Now that is 300 and 1100 lives all together that is to much but thats an argument for another time. The 345 I believe it is, when divided by total number of days in a year plus between all 50 states is extremely small and does not even account for nearly 1%, of 1%, of 1% of 5%of the total number of black people in the country. Thats .00005% of the total population. Those numbers aside, the nuber of black lives lost from violence caused not by police is in the thousands, especially because of gang violence. And on top of all that the number of black babied aborted in new york city alone was higher then those who were born. So the black lives matter movement is a joke. Now im not a fan of trump BUT from what all the reports that ive read the individuals that were there were there to harass him just like they did with bernie sanders a few months ago.
Interesting perspective @Straightshooter, I feel that ‘monkeys’ and the n-word is inexcusable though... Whether you agree with the black lives matter movement or not this language is showing that trump is pretty disrepectful to the community as a whole. Not cool in my opinion. I'm worried about that too @raveyy. I want a president that respects all humans (regardless of race or socioeconomic background)