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I'm so happy all of you have joined, and look forward to our first war! you all are amazing! Please remember to attack, and have fun! :) Quick tips, draw out clan castle, attack who you believe you can 3 star, and enjoy! I believe we can win if we push to it! "And pierce through the heavens!!" ;) @mengkhou @Baraboo @DevilsSon @coonsech @shalltearbloodf
@shalltearbloodf hey lisa! I'm sorry you left the clan for what ever reason, but have a amazing day where ever your going! if you were just upset because of your attack, I can teach you how to two star, and sometimes three star. Any who, I'm sad you left, but where ever you go I hope you find the joy in life! :)
@shalltearbloodf hey we need you to attack 3 next. :) the goal is to figure out where the bombs are, use a few golems and wall breakers to get inside. best of luck. remember the clan castle has enemy troops in there. if you need troops I will donate
@mengkhou your nine tails right? I need you to clean up 9 in war. Thanks stud! ask for troops and I'll donate to your cc
@shalltearbloodf hey lisa I need you to attack. 3 or 4 in war I need a 3 star! :) best of luck! only 13hrs left