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Dominoes is about to change the game.
Domino’s is attempting to make the act of ordering pizza even simpler/lazier with the launch of its “The Easy Order” button.
The pizza chain is releasing a number of physical buttons to social media competition winners in the UK from December. This could be epic.
According to Business Insider:
The button, which looks like a miniature pizza box, works by pairing with the Domino’s app over Bluetooth. Customers need to register their details — including their name, address, and their favourite order — and the pizza will be on its way every time they press the button.
When it comes to marketing keeping it simple and sweet is often the most effective method. Can it get easier than pushing a button? I think not.
If pushed properly, Dominoes could up their sales dramatically with this one.
Oh no this would just be bad news in my house...
Want. Want want want.