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Short BTS stories?
So some time ago I began to write fanfiction, but I ended up taking a break...a too long of a break!. So I thought to start writting again and no better way to do that is to write short stories to get back in the mood ...with using these hot, heartattck causing boys. If anyone wants short stories just message me or tell me in comments with which member and a plot if you want. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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Can I please have one with Jin or Suga? I honestly don't care what's its about. They could punch me in the face for all I care... that's weird. Sorry 🙈
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@QueenLee Sure❤ Hope it doesn't turn out that way.
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@QueenLee I was just wondering if you want a certain name for your character or I could just make one up. Also when I'm done do I post it on Vingle or send it to you somewhere.
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@Taehyungie you can make it up & you could post it on here or over Twitter doesn't matter to me. My Twitter is Elisha_Jasso if you're going to use that. 😊 Thank you again!
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