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so, in response to @kpopandkimchi's wonderful idea of a 'hell week' BTS countdown...it's V's day! There is so much to love about TaeTae...I can't pick just one! He has so many facets to his personality, and I adore them all!
Whether he is just being too adorable to handle
or killing us all in War of Hormone (I LOVE him in this MV)
or just being the 4D alien we all know and love, every single ARMY knows that we wouldn't have him any other way! (And I hate to say it, but Jimin is being threatened in my bias list. He'd better watch out, because V is moving up that list very, very, VERY fast)
(Now, I'm gonna do my best to keep up with this 'challenge' from @kpopandkimchi, but with the holidays sneaking up on me in three days...some of the posts may be a little late in the day. I think I need to plan these out ahead to stay on top of things!) Saranghae BTS and ARMYs. Annyeong!
I love that every since V day card has talked about how he is an alien hahahah he would be so proud
yes that I wouldn't have him any other way. I love him
@kpopandkimchi well, Taetae is our adorable, lovable, cuddly 4D alien! and personally, I love him all the more for embracing that uniqueness