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Ahhh ok sorry I'm so late on this book clubbers! But I'm happy to start discussing the book again.
With the book diving more and more into Jude's life and background, they flash us back to the present. Lots has changed in Jude's life along with his relationship with his friends.

But one relationship is standing out to me the most... His relationship with Howard.

Howard adopting Jude is HUGE!

What do you all think of their relationship? The adoption, and how Jude handles all of it?!

If you want to discuss other stuff that happened in these chapters please let me know! And comment below!

(This card is part of the Vingle Book Club! We are currently reading A Little Life)
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Woah @szewwy I didn't get that hint at ALL, but that makes sense with his serious illnesses. I thought it was just because of his awful self-worth. @Ercurrent I HAVE SO MANY FEELS TOO. haha I cried in the part where they asked to adopt him... like FINALLY SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING TO JUDE. hahahaha
@nicolejb exactly!!! He deserves good things but thinks he doesn't and it breaks my heart.
It's crazy too because there are so many people around him that love him and want him to take care of himself, but if they push too hard it makes things worse @Ercurrent I think Howard found a balance, though I do wish they communicated more!
@nicolejb I forgot what the actual dialogue was but I know it was Jude and Andy talking about Harold finding out what he has or something and a lot of people live it so that's what I was thinking.
Totally, @szewwy I think you are definitely on to something. I just brushed it off as Jude being more self-destructive.